March 2nd, 2006



I can hardly believe it, but I feel like I'm getting another bloody cold! Fug.
My knee hurts like mad, and R next door's shoulder is hurting. I wonder if it really is due to the cold? It's definitely the coldest winter we've had in some time, but I was used to much colder in my ('wind goes right through ya; it's no place for the old') New York youth.Eh.
SKY assures me (I actually got through-) that they'll stop tomorrow. Sigh. I'm gonna miss it so. I was just beginning to get hooked on BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA... and regular new SIMPSONS,etc. Snivel.
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    TV:10 YEARS YOUNGER: Poor cow got 'feminised'...


Liam Neeson and Me Sitting in a Tree...
You have that rare genius he finds intriguing. Got the newest electronic gadget? He adores the novel, admiring your cutting edge take on everything from cell phones, to politics, to hot trends. You admire his restless, curious nature, so like your own. Social butterflies, running around town would have you both lose your body if it weren't attached to your head. Yet when it comes to body talk, let sexy experimentation reign!

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PS: The love Meter says "Call the Firehouse" (Don't forget the paramedics with resuscitation-jolters!)