March 1st, 2006


Been There, Done It...

...And hurtin'. I have overcome my during-and-post-lurgy gym phobia, and intend to get back into the 2-3 times a week routine...Oh how I hate it. I have a feeling that my local 'leisure centre' is not long for this world, at least in any form that I can afford, though, and I really must take advantage while I can. The pool is STILL shut. It was closed for refurbishment before Christmas, supposedly to open mid-January...The boiler has now conked out, so it will be some time still before the pool opens, and I'm glad I go home and bathe afterwards, as their showers are gross, anyway, and I certainly wouldn't fancy a cold one at present. Ow.
Rumours are rife that the council plans to sell the place off.
I need to start a new book. I have about 50 lying around,that I haven't read yet. What shall it be?
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