February 28th, 2006


Very Bad Me...

I skipped gym AGAIN. I was afraid of this. If I stopped at all, like when I was ill, I'd never go again. I almost managed to force myself this morning, but failed. (Drawing instead! Yay!)
I've got to snap out of it, though. No excuse, etc. I've probably gained back the few pounds I lost already, and my feeble muscle tone has probably turned all to blancmange again.Pfft.
My mother is just thrilled with the AGATHA RAISIN dectective stories I've been sending her. I actually went for them because the R4 series with Penelope Keith is mildly amusing, and because they were so totally absurd, formulaic, lame and crap, that she'd be sure to love them. She does!
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Ancient Obscure Earworm Time...

At least 50 years old, and haunting me still...

clippety clippety clippety clop
Yonkers Raceway, that's the stop.
Trotting races each weekday night,
The new Yonkers Raceway, yes that's right!

I saw a Bill Griffith cartoon once, where Zippy was going about his daily pinhead round with his thought balloon constantly exclaiming
"Boutros Boutros-Ghali!"
I do that too.