February 20th, 2006


One Box Of Kleenex Mansize Later...

And I'm still fecking kaput. I have to get to Clapham Junction somehow, and do the shopping; cough mixture imperative, after another waking nightmare of tossin', turnin' and hackin'...Ochone,alas, oy vey, etc.
Outstandingly lame advert: That Channel Four one with people in rubber Hallowe'en masks writhing and spazzing in the grip of COLD TURKEY If they want to scare people off taking heroin, they should bring in The Burger King...
Gosh, The London Cartoon Museum (re-)opens at last this week. I wonder if I could get some kind of menial paying job there? (Dream on...)


As a geriatric, it seems I'm entitled to try and drag myself down to Camberwell tomorrow and have a mammogram. Oh joy... I guess I'll go, I shouldn't be contagious at this point, surely. I've been in Death Valley since bloody Thursday.

Reading all the entries about the Andy event as they're posted. It sounds absolutely beautiful. I think I was right not to go, though. I was just too fucked up to go anywhere, and, in my weakened state would probably have cried over the lost promise of Andy and so many others, thus churning out barrels of mucous and disgracing myself.Snort.
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