February 18th, 2006



Damn, I'm rough. Another night of many rude awakenings. I should have remembered to get some sort of cough medicine when I crawled out yesterday...Something from the corner shop would cost about double the usual price, though, and I just ain't fit to go to Clapham Junction today.
My eyes are still really yuck, all runny and crusty. Truly obscene, and swallowing is PAINFUL. What is this nonsense? Ohhhhh, and the cough,cough, coughing...
Needless to say, I won't be going to the Andy thing tonight; my loss. I hope all goes well, From the sound of it, it's gonna be quite an event.
I've been thinking about Andy, and all the dead people I've known a lot, of late. I guess it comes from reading about the last days of The Bean. So many good souls gone. I'm an old woman myself, now,yet it still doesn't seem 'natural' for people (that includes animals!)to be permanently dead and gone and obliterated...I just have to believe there's a life beyond. I was talking to someone about this recently, and she said she didn't believe there was anything after death, and she was perfectly OK with it. I think that's quite admirable. I'm sure not that brave. I want more. Even those who have had happy, accomplished long lives just don't get enough. There's GOTTA be more.
(Shuffles back to TV, babbling...)
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