February 17th, 2006


Jesus Wept...

Must have got about five minutes sleep last night. Achin' all over, coughing incessantly, terrible sore throat, and streaming eyes, not to mention totally blocked up nose, etc. Bloody hell.
Crawled out for some ice cream (bad!) which was very soothing, and dozed all day, trying to read the autobiography of Liam Clancy. I haven't got to his days hanging out in Greenwich Village with Dylan and all, yet.
Also heard part of a radio serialisation of SUPPORTING CHARACTERS, which is about a wife/lover? of Jack Kerouac, and how he pissed her around incessantly. Like, she'd jack in well-paid creative jobs and book contracts to follow him to Mexico, or whatever, and he'd decide it was no good there after all, and bugger off before she arrived. I don't know what happened, but it sounds like she put up with it for ages. My just-about longest relationship was actually not unlike that.It's hard to believe, now, but when you're in lurve, you sure do some degraded and stupid things; if you're self-esteem impaired, anyway...
It sounded like a really interesting book.
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