February 10th, 2006


Check It Out!

A most amusing and silly diversion...

My integrated TV/VCR seems to be breaking down,now...Can't get the remote to work the VCR, which means I have to use 'manual' to record, etc, and I can't use the timer. Why oh why?, etc.
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Remote Rage...

I took the malfunctioing remote doodah to the funny little local repair place, where, by chance there was a model exactly the same as my TV/VCR to demonstate the weirdness. The guy sold me a second hand remote for 15 quid. (This is the sort of thing that ruins you when you have no 'spare' money at all...) Well, now I can use the timer function, play videos, etc. fine, but this remote doesn't work on the TV, so between both of them, everything's sort of OK. Buggeration.
Went to the gym, then cancelled it out by eating one of .McDonald's Veggie-Melt Deli Toasted Sandwich Meals (had a coupon-).
Watched THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN. Fassbinder films always seem to meander on, then come to really freaky, tragic endings. I like 'em, though. Hannah Schygulla is soooo gorgeous.

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    Revitalised Sinatra: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

Holeee Shit...

I switched on the Olympic pageant, which had already been running for hours, at about 20:30... Now, some man is saying everyone should 'refusing doping'. Enthusiastic Mongolian athletes in giant fur hats wave flags; everyone else looks pretty desperate.
I saw sinister hooded figures turning giant pages of...Leonardo's diaries? Baroque people in vertiginous wigs, and skirts with more people inside, prancing while strange 'Jove'-sounding men go ho ho ho, etc. Archimbaldo-style vegetable coaches, fireworks,legions of trapeze artistes. Eva Herzagovina rubbing her tits as she rises out of her Venus-shell, a semaphore ballet. Futuristic clown man strips off red stovepipe hat, etc. to become the Mohicaned 'hero of the future'...
Now Sophia Loren and some athletes, I think, carry in an Olympic banner to the Triumphal March from AIDA. (No elephants at all, though...)
I wonder if the Turin Shroud made a cameo appearance before I started watching?
Oh my mind...What must this unbelievably decadent crapness have cost?
More anti-dope speechifying...The trapeze people are back. This is something to do with Peace.They move into a dove-shape at the end, only it looks worryingly like an eagle.
Yoko Ono! Noooooooo!!!