February 9th, 2006


Feck, I Am Memed...

...By ms_slonim


Culinary: Just about anything involving artery-exploding amounts of dairy. MMmmm, ice cream...

Literary: Trashy, pornographically ultraviolent 'orror novels.

Audiovisual: Virtually everything that deals with cosmetic surgery; even THE SWAN, NIP/TUCK...you name it; I can't sink low enough.

Musical: Finger-in-the-ear folkies, like early Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, complete with Aran jumpers.

Celebrity: I am an obsessive gossip-hound, the more scurrilous the better, and nosy follower of many, many celeb careers... not to mention my inevitable regular relapses into total monomaniacal BIG BROTHER addiction. If I could afford it, I would buy HEAT all the time.

OK, now I tag cleanskies charlottecooper helenraven and rozk. Nyaaah!



This is just so great. Attention must be paid. It's inevitably on R4 at strange inconvenient hours, and I've only heard bits of it, but it's always brilliant, and I heart it.

I woke up this morning in all-over pain. Unghhhh...Didn't even do anything more strenuous yesterday than go to the Common and back to throw yucky drooled-on toys to the dogs. I'm really hobbling, bigtime. EVERYTHING hurts. I went to the gym, where I got my locker key from Devil Girl herself. (smooth, catpad-like palms...) I thought the tortures might loosen my joints up a bit, but no, I feel bad.

Isn't that statue of Walter Raleigh they've just unveiled in Devon the same one as at Westminster?
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