February 8th, 2006


Supersize Scariness...


I haven't watched this programme regularly, oddly enough, there must have been something even more bizarre on some other channel.
In fairness, I have seen enough of it to know that some of the patients presented having gastric surgery are male, so it isn't entirely a misogynist sideshow.
I only watched it for about ten minutes last night, but I was shocked by what I saw of Kerry's story. She was a very young fat girl, (and not all that fat, either, from where I sit), yet her only chance of leading a 'normal' life seemed to be to undergo this £7,000 dicey operation. She came from a poor chav-ish family, and was unable to raise a loan, thus she was DOOMED to a lifetime of obesity, blah, blah, and everyone was crying...I can't imagine why this girl was ever considered a suitable candidate for this rather extreme operation in the first place. It seems she'd only gained the weight recently, and no effort had been made to lose it by less scary means. And may I state once again, she was fat, but hardly incapacitated, grotesque, or even unusual in the extent of her obesity.
Great God, where art Thou?
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