February 1st, 2006


On Being Miserable-Looking...

Well, Heaven knows I'm miserable now, but since childhood, I've been mocked/chastised, etc. for looking grim, even when I'm quite chirpy. As if I didn't have enough hassles. Can't help it,unless I assume a macabre-looking rictus grin... I'm just drawn that way.
I'ts always pleasant to discover you're not alone:


Must go collect laundry and Wotan's meds... Quite looking forward to the female megastars of cartoonland panel, tonight. Maybe breathing the same air as Alison Bechdel will spiritually revive me, somehow.
Lately, I just seem to be producing stuff for my own 'never publish this' pile; endlessly repetitive, ill-writ and feebly drawn glubs of self-pity...and anyone who's seen the stuff I do unleash on the world can imagine just how unattractively pisspoor it is! Still, I suppose managing to do a bit of total crap may be marginally better than producing zero. At least you're keeping in the habit of trying to be an artist.
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