January 27th, 2006


Poor Ol' George...


He really did expose himself as a complete knob in his final few days in the Big Brother House. I feel sure he'll find some way to turn it all to his advantage, though, which is one of the reasons I still can't help 'admiring' the guy, in a twisted way. And even when he's talking balls, he just talks so flippin' well.
I'm sure it would be a nightmare coping with Pete Burns' evil divadom in RL, but he certainly has provided some sterling entertainment moments over the past few weeks. As in Galloway's case, I think I kind of hero-worship people with an unshakeable belief in themselves and their innate fantasticness, who never back down, however massively Wrong they are.
As for the winnah; gotta be Chantelle or Preston. Little Maggot has blossomed a bit, recently, although still basically uninteresting. He's sort of their Buttons.I'm still annoyed that Traci has got this far. Bleurgh!
I'm half-listening to DESERT ISLAND DISKS and have just been reminded of how much I hate the sound of Burl Ives' voice. Jeeezus!

Happy Birthday, Wolfgang.
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