January 21st, 2006


Dream Time...

I was in a rather posh minimalist flat with my sister. We watched ancient Charlton Heston (who was wearing a sort of velvet medeaeval tunic and tights, and 2 Henry V style wigs, one on top of the other-)with two muscleman colleagues wrasslin' the Hulk.
Despite his age,and sagging yellowish flesh, Heston seemed quite spry. The Hulk, in his battlefrenzy, tore the heavy wooden frame off the door, and I thought, oh boy, I hope we don't get blamed for this.

Some poor mong canvassing for Labour rang the bell. I said no; I've always voted for them, but they've let everyone down so badly, they're worse than the Tories. He didn't look at all surprised, just kept smiling and said 'Well here's a leaflet anyway, just in case you want to have a look.' I felt weepy.
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The Cursed Statue...

OK, this is a story that comes to my mind every once in a while, and I've never been able to confirm, despite Googling, etc.
It goes back about 45 years, to listening to a sermon in St. Aidan's church. I don't know what the priest was on about, but at one point in his spiel, he told an anecdote about a statue of a beautiful woman that was found floating in the sea and christened 'Atalanta'. It was displayed in (I think-) the Louvre, although I've found no reference to it there...Eventually, it became obvious that 'she' was having a strange effect on male viewers. Finally, there was an incident where a sensitive young poet became so obsessed that he sat in the museum all the time writing odes to Atalanta. Eventually, he committed suicide over his hopeless passion, and the room was made off limits to male museum-goers. (What about the lezzers?)
I was, of course, intrigued, even more so some time later, when I saw an article in the New York Times, about the same statue. There was even a photo showing a wooden carving, in sort of Archaic style, of a long-haired, bare-breasted girl in a chiton-type garment, striding out. It didn't look particularly alluring,mystical, or anything to me, but then, I'm not a boy or gay...
It's such a weird little story, it seems strange that nobody else knows anything about it. They even printed one of the suicide guy's poems in the paper, I recall. Any ideas how to find out? I couldn't have just imagined it all.