January 20th, 2006


Poetic Skies...

It was a novelty to actually see some blue today, and with the wind this morning, there were some really interesting cloud formations scudding along, in all shades, from black to glittering snowy white. Wish I'd had a camera. Another impressive sunset, too. In the last year or so, it really seems there are more spectacular skies. Or is it just that I've started noticing more, for some reason?
In Sainsbury's, an old man right at the other end of the tills dropped his brolly and walked on out, with any number of people just watching him go! He looked poor, like he couldn't afford to lose his brolly, so I actually ran, like a big jellywobbling divvy, to return it to him. Now my knee hurts, but he did seem very pleased to get it back, so pin a rose on me!
Did my hellish ordeal at the gym; back up to three times a week. After all, if I end up being helped into a 50-hour week at B&Q or something, I'll be looking back with longing at the days when I could go to the feckin' gym.
Then I went out with R and the dogs, just to recycle her rabbit bedding at the churchyard over the road, where there's a nice little community garden.The dogs enjoy checking out all the 'messages'. I wonder what it's like for them, snorting the piss of all the other local dogs? They seem so engrossed...
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Rula Evicted!

WRONG! How could they? Bloody Traci's still in, no doubt, because of her giant globular tits, and poor Rula got booted 'cos she's a 'dried up old husk'. It's a bleedin' crime.
Barrymore, btw, seems so have pretty much receded into the background, after all his early histrionics; maybe he's been told about the legal hassle awaiting him. Pete has retired to bed because the police came and siezed his evil fur coat.If he walks, though, it will get very boring. I've really no idea who's going to win. Lil' Chantelle, I guess, for her innocent gormlessness amidst all the pro exhibitionists.

I'm worried about the poor whale...

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