January 19th, 2006


Comix News...

I suppose I should put this stuff on Bugpowder, but Yahoo doesn't like me. i'm never allowed to post, for some reason, and you faff about for ages and it never gets sorted, sooo...

Pleasures, Sorrows and Ironies: Cartooning the personal and the political*

A roundtable discussion with leading American strip-cartoonist Alison
Bechdel also featuring Kate Charlesworth, Jacky Fleming, Suzy Varty and
Kate Evans. With Carol Bennett of Knockabout Comics in the chair.
Jointly organised by The Cartoon Museum and the Centre for Law, Gender
and Sexuality at the University of Kent.

Date: 1st February 2006
Time: 6.30-8.00 pm
Venue: The University of Westminster, Fyvie Hall, 309 Regent Street,
London W1.
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus

Also, this years GRRR! festival in Serbia is going to be 29April-1May, instead of in the autumn, due to venue clashes.
As usual, I strongly advise anyone remotely into comix, with any disposable income at all, to attend. You can get pretty cheap flights on JAT, and hotels and hostels in Belgrade are still a lot cheaper than here.
The festival is actually in the suburb of Pancevo, but you could easily 'commute' from Belgrade, or book into the seriously bizarre Tamis Hotel for the duration. I would advise trying to stay a week, as Serbia is weirdly bewitching, and Belgrade is a brilliant city to explore.
Even if you're into young-folk stuff like clubbing and beer-drinking, instead of museums, churches and weird stuff, like me, Belgrade has all you could want and more. It's cheap, and the men all look like Luka out of ER. (The ones who don't look like Ernest Borgnine, anyway...)
GRRR! is full of fascinating exhibits and events, but it's not too 'big' and commercialised, yet. Everybody's very friendly, and they really respect and love cartoons. Go.

Frightening sight on TV last night: Michael Portillo getting all (rather erotically!) worked up about vultures.

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