January 18th, 2006


Noli Me Tangere!

I must be in a pretty delicate state. On the bus this morning,this large, heavily dreadlocked and blinged-up wench sat down opposite me, reached over, squeezed my belly twice, and sat grinning expectantly! I was horrified, and all I could think of to say was 'Are you all right!?'
She kept on grinning and said 'Are you?' I seriously wanted to punch her lights out, but she was young and very robust-looking, so I just blanked her as best I could, until I could get off.
I must be losing my sense of humour...Probably the poor cow was just a bit retarded or something, but she looked very well-maintained for a 'care in the community'. Or it could have been a cultural thing, and I 'shouldn't' even complain... but what about my feckin' culture? (I care less for PC-ness all the time; typical of bigoted, set-in-their-ways old biddies, perhaps, but Nyaaaah,I DON'T CARE!)
I carried on to Sainsbury's (half price INNOCENT smoothies still on offer... I have no money, since losing my survival-for-the-week £20, of course, but it's just too good to miss, so I put it on my overdraft.Ha ha, who cares...? Then to the gym, where I thought I was going to faint! I had to put the treadmill even slower than usual, and take the incline right down, or I couldn't have finished my stint.I was OK on bike and weights, though. Anxiety, I guess. Not pleasant, in any event. R has decided to go to the Common with die hunden, as it's actually stopped raining, but I've wimped out. Glub.
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