January 13th, 2006


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You're Elaine!
You're Elaine!

Which Seinfeld character are you?
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...Um, yeah, I guess I relate to most of that.

I have a feeling I'm going to wimp out of gym today. In recent weeks I've been backsliding, down to two times a week. Bad. (But feels good-) Must take control of slackness compulsion...

Advertising jingle from my childhood that just now erupted in my brain:

Who was the first to conquer space?
It's incontrovertible
That the first to conquer living space
Is the Castro Convertible (an early sofabed-)
Who conquers space with fine design?
Who saves you money all the time?
Who's tops in the converti ble line?
Castro Convertible!

Help me.
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Nasty Ol' Day...

Very dank and driek...I'm reading THE LAST OF THE HIPPIES. What's happened to CJ Stone, anyway? I always used to enjoy his articles, and he was kinda hott, too. (Very full of himself, though-) Anyway, he seems to have stopped blogging and stuff. Whazzup?


I intended to tape the LIFE ON MARS repeat last night, and either I malfunctioned, or they messed with the schedule, because I got a programme about Michael Heseltine and his wife promenading around the gardens of their enormous estate, discussing their horticultual feats and being smug.
The sculpture park was a real treat. 'Here's our Elizabeth Frink, haw haw...' Urge to kill was rather strong. In the hideous irony department, they also boast a rather nifty vorticist-y giant bust of Lenin, liberated from some public building in Lithuania. Oy vey.
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