January 12th, 2006


'Funny 'Cos It's True'...


Last night's CBB was the best yet. Weeping Barrymore kissed & cuddled by George, Jodie continuing to scale amazing heights of grotesqueness, including 'corrupting' poor lil' trainee celeb Chantelle, Rodman still lumpenly seeking a receptive orifice, Rula taking on the nurturing consoler persona as the youngsters grizzle, including the boring Fariah, who was tormented into tears by her spinach-eating task. Poor Preston puked three times in the course of his enforced eating of 150 chocolate liqeurs, or something, but he manfully ploughed on...Pete was fractious and unforgiving in astonishing leggings, and it was all just grand.
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If you're trawling round ASDA, do not be suckered by their cut price deal on GOOD FOR YOU(!)soups in the plastic carton. I am not particularly known for my sophisticated palate, but they are foul in the extreme, and taste very synthetic. Be warned.