January 11th, 2006


Eroding Civil Liberties...

Didn't Tony Blair look comical hosing that graffiti? Ever so tired, too.
Shouldn't larf, though...especially after hearing that news item this morning about how people under 21 in New York are going to be forbidden by law from carrying spray cans or indelible markers!

Totty Time...

Norwegian Forest Cat is having a short break so I can display this squeeworthy icon of the lovely Mr Barratt, baggsed with thanks from
scarlett_h. Oh purr...

Nice comments on Mr Blair's latest weird meglomaniacal manifestations:

Re: GBB eviction lineup. It's very difficult. Pete's inspired bitching and general weirdness are indispensable, as is Jodi Marsh's ever-accellerating carcrash value. (She's gonna blow!) That means poor ol' George has to be the bootee; a real shame. Of course, they do keep censoring him, which is a bore. As rozk has pointed out, though, his pervy fascination with Pete, bonding with Rula, and wide-eyed declarations of astonishment at the coarse sexuality of These Young People Today would be a great loss.
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