January 7th, 2006



Gotta go to the West End and collect me specs. Well, thank the gods, it didn't actually take ten days...
Pleasant visit from helenraven last night. She came bearing a bottle of 'Sailor Jerry' spiced rum, which is outstandingly yummy.
We quaffed (mostly shiraz-) and watched the MASTER AND COMMANDER DVD,a rollicking good fillum.
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER is coming along nicely. Dennis Rodman is already making unsubtle moves on the cod-celeb Chantelle, and Barrymore is crying a lot...Actually his trips to the toilet sniffling loudly *could* have another explanation, but I suppose they screen their luggage for stuff like that, surely? In any event,horrific megameltdown seems a distinct possibility. Shouldn't be allowed...(Cackle)
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Explosion Syndrome...

I think my liver has turned to pate, like Mr Spurlock's after a month of McShit. I shouldn't have eaten all those leftover wonton things...
I really have consumed the most loathesome surfeit of junkfood in the last week or so. I'll have to go onto a bamboo shoot regime or something. Urp.Yuck.
I bought the freeview gizmo, and am now of course, too scared to connect it. (I'm an old woman, I have to take these things gently.) I really do not want to give up SKY, but I expect it will be 'good for me' to have less dross to surf. I definitely do watch too much TV. As for the films, I can always rent, and still save money. Once the freeview is paid for, I'll be saving close to £30 a month.
I've really got to find some way to get to Serbia in April.
Oh my, there are some caps of Julian Barratt looking extra-biteable over on calmallamadown ! Do wish he'd ditch that moustache, though.
Almost time for CBB...Have Rodman and Chantelle 'done it' yet? Has Barrymore's nose dropped off? Squeal!