January 4th, 2006


Gonna Have To...

I really ought to stop putting it off, get a cheap freeview box, and unsubscribe to SKY. I simply cannot afford the luxury...But *sob*, it will mean relinquishing new SIMPSONS on SkyOne, all those grotesque makeovers on Living, Film Four, Artsworld, TCM films, the Horror Channel and any number of strange surfable stations. I've got to work myself up to it. Shit. Don't wanna.
Gym again today. Devil Girl said 'Happee New Year!'.Squeal. I got nabbed on the way out by the guy on the desk, a Mr Motivator clone with a frelling headband, who asked if I'd enjoyed my workout. I should have just said yes and fled, but mumbled that I never enjoyed it, but was happy 'cos it was over. He was right in there... 'Maybe you're not doing the right routine...' obviously trying to get me on board for a few £25 individual training sessions. It took me about five minutes to escape. I must admit, though, I'd rather like to learn more about weight training, as I actually do almost enjoy that bit. If I had an income, I might succumb to the PT thing for a couple of sessions, as there are several torture machines upstairs I don't use simply because I can't figure out what you're supposed to do with them.
I thought that SWEEENY TODD gorefest on TV last night was pretty good. Ray Winstone is the dog's. He played it very still and soft-spoken, except for the odd bloodfrenzy moments, and was dead scary.
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