January 3rd, 2006


Another Cruel Blow Of Fate...

I went for my eye test today, smugly thinking I didn't have to pay anything at all, as I am a valid holder of an HC2 form. I'd forgotten that the reason I didn't have to pay last time was because they didn't need to change my lenses...
This time they did, and I had to pay £65. God help me, I really, really , reeeeally do not have it! I badly need new frames, too, but that was altogether out of the question. Gngh!
Lots of frightening media discussions about radical reforms of incapacity benefits, today, too, which always gives me the hippyhippy shakes. My GP always reassures me that it is extremely unlikely that anyone would attempt to force me into some retail hell, and I am totally entitled to the pittance I get. This, of course, does not stop me obsessing fretfully.
After the trauma of the opticians (btw, the girl who examined me had boar-bristle-singeing curry breath and all the staff were useless-)I staggered into Rymans and spent £7.00 I still didn't have on sale pens, etc. Then I went to the gym and pedaled hard, trying to soothe my anxiety. (Nah, didn't work...)
I also saw this unbelievably gross and exploitative 'documentary', EATING THEMSELVES TO DEATH. I know, not watching might be a good idea. but...)
Anyway, every time there was an ad break,the narrator would purr sanctimoniously that 'One of these people did not survive the filming of this report', inviting us all to guess who...disgusting. (I guessed right, actually.) God, it was all just horrible. There's a real mega-explosion of these fatbash programmes coming up, too. It's that Puritanical post-Yule thing, of course, but it seems more sinister and punitive than ever. Fap!
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