January 1st, 2006



Since I couldn't get online and couldn't reach the helpline, I thought well, it couldn't hurt to try setting up the AOL Silver modem, since I was frelled already.
It was, of course, a heart-stopping, sweat-soaked procedure. (I am really afraid of this stuff!) More bloody messy wires, too, and now I can't plug in my printer,'cos the modem's in that hole. Of course, the printer's not really working at the moment, anyhow...I am generally very pleased, though, with my technical genius and heroism!
It doesn't actually seem any faster('Silver' is the cheapest option, the same rate as ordinary dial-up, now.), but it's excellent to have the phone line freed up.
There were utterly amazing fireworks on the Embankment last night. It's really getting to be an art form. Total waste of public money, and all, but it sure was fun.
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