December 29th, 2005



Horrors of Entropy Dept: A whacking gigantigrotesque Denis Healy hair sprouting monstrously out of my right eyebrow.
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    R4: Yakkin' about THE ORESTIA

Chills Multiplyin'...

It's freezing in here. Heat doesn't come on until 18:00.
Didn't think I'd manage, but I hauled myself to the gym, and was rewarded with a radiant smiley greeting from Devil Girl. 'Ainsley' swooped on me again, too,and asked where I'd been. I only saw him last week, so I guess he doesn't remember me from one time to the next...He says I'm looking 'really healthy' anyway.Wish it were true.
There's still very little traffic about, which is lovely. The air smells better already. If only it could last.
This HERCULES thing I'm half-watching is crap, but there are some decent creatures. Chiron the centaur is quite convincing.
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    Dumb HERCULES film on TV