December 26th, 2005



Between the antibiotics and the painkillers, I have been getting some interesting hypnagogic 'visions', although meds interfere with proper dreams...
Somehow, I have to go out and see if the supermarkets are open, as I have to get some stuff for R, and better get some bits in, too, in case there really is a proper snowfall.I look like heavily hammered shit, and have had none of the usual enjoyment on the way to getting like this. Arse.
Listening to my mother last night just about finished me. DRINK! was imperative, and I couldn't bloody have any. (The course is finished, now, but the tooth is starting to twinge again...)
Thank God for DOCTOR WHO, which cheered me up a bit; great fun, and I think David Tennant's gonna work well.
However, I realised that in all the festival of pain - seasonal upheaval -vet trips, etc. etc. I have managed to miss an episode of ROME. Agggggh!

PS: I'm never sure if it's 'hypnagogic' or 'hypnogogic'; can't be arsed to actually look in the dictionary, but Spellcheck suggests 'spongecake'...
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