December 16th, 2005


Bum! Missed Lunar Spectacle...

Early in the evening, I forgot about looking at the ultra-bright moon. Then, around midnight when it was supposed to be most impressive, it was hidden by clouds. It woon't be that 'low' and intense again for 20 years, by which time I'll probably be dead, or too senile to be interested. Feck.
Ran into the manic 'Ainsley Herriot' trainer at the gym. He said I'm one of his 'success stories'. (Crumbs, I'd hate to see the failures!) He reckons of all the 'exercise on prescription' people he dealt with last year, only three, all women, are still slogging away. That surprises me, actually.
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This One's Rather Fun...

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

Of course my tortured efforts at writing with the mouse are not at all like my usual signature...

Bad Sight of the Week, BTW, was the flaunted bum crack of the horrid old baldy man who sweats even more than I do in the gym. The Hairy Man and his exposed pits were also in today.
For such a very unattractive specimen, I do have a cruelly critical aesthetic when it comes to what I have to get up close and impersonal with in public places; I know...In my defence, I do not actually go out of my way to show my fellow sufferers the most unsavoury bits of my grotesque body at every opportunity, AND I at least wipe my excessive perspiration off the machines, when I'm done seeping onto them, so there!