December 15th, 2005



Went to the gym; first time this week. Since last session, they've brought in some new machines! I can't even figure out how to use one of them, but I was, pathetically , rather excited. New ways to induce futile discomfort, Yay!
Saw the doctor as well, and got more bloody antibiotics! I wasn't gonna argue, though. I've got to take something for this.
I also got a referral to Brixton Hospital (shudder-)to see about 'specialist treatment' for my ever-increasing psychological distress. I'm not hopeful, of course, but perhaps it will at least ensure that I'm not 'helped back to the (service) workplace' any time soon!
( And there might be a few strips in it.)
The pills seem strong, anyway; I've just been asleep for about an hour, and feel jolly peculiar. Watched quite a moving IMAGINE programme with Simon Rattle and a fascinating ancient bloke (actually only a few years older than me...) Royston Maldoom coaching 250 school kids, many of them from culturally deprived backgrounds, to dance in a Berlin Philharmonic performance of RITE OF SPRING. Rattle was talking about convincing politicians that great art is an essential part of life and must have government funding. Good luck, Si. It looks like Germany is following us down the drain to the intellectual wastelands. Art just ain't good business.
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