December 14th, 2005


Phone Goes Tonto...

Online at last. Since last night the phone has been, slow-beeping,making smoke alarm noises, just plain hissing and sputtering and generally not working. I reported it on my mobile, AND made an appointment with the doctor to see if my legs have to be amputated or what-all is the problem. The thing has finally been very useful.
Despite pain & swelling, I went dogwalking. I figured it was probably best to give them some light exercise. I dunno...
Wotan managed to efficiently remove the bandage from his foreleg while I was wondering whether or not you're supposed to leave it on. He's been extremely affectionate all day smarmy old devil, and is eating heartily,although he's supposed to stay on soft foods until the weekend.
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    Gorillaz: CLINT EASTWOOD