December 2nd, 2005



I have to get to Bristol. I'm afraid of Victoria Coach Station.
The weather sucks.
I don't feel well, and may have some sort of major- embarassment stomach upset, in addition to the trying-to-strike fluish lurghi.
Wotan has already puked.
The flat is still a tip, despite my zombified tidying efforts yesterday. (Like R who keeps the urine-soaked carpet awaiting cleaning humming furiously in her flat, is going to be shocked...!)
I don't know if my mobile is working. It's very intermittent.
I kept waking up with nightmares AGAIN!. (Graphic executions by computer this time.Don't ask.)
I'm sure to forget something I really need.
Yes, I'm off to MCR in a pretty Cotswolds cottage for a weekend of (attempted) creativity,so blessings and excellent karmic returns on those who have made it possible. Banzai!
Oh, my nerves...
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