November 12th, 2005



Not much happening on LJ. Some people must actually have lives.
The arrival of cold weather so suddenly has had a bad effect on my creaky joints. My hips are especially owie. Wah!
Being called on by R to help her carry out her rabbit detritus to be recycled in the dark dank churchyard last night didn't help. There was a miserable wind and rain event going on, too. (It's a long story: She spent the afternoon at the vet's, and didn't get a chance to do it earlier, and was scared to go over there alone in the dark.)
The poorly old rabbit is still alive, but they can't find out what's wrong with it. I guess it's just had enough...
I feel I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend, at the moment. It would be nice to have someone to help with chores now and then, and go to galleries, etc. with me. I also miss The Other, even at my unseemly age. Oh well, it's all most unlikely, at this point, that anyone will come along.I've discovered that old people don't lose interest in sex, it's just that nobody wants 'em.
Basically, I like being on my own, anyway. I don't think I could actually live with someone again, unless we had a big mansion. I'd just like Liam Neeson or someone to come round regularly, give me a good seeing to,escort me to events, and assist with the maintenance things that are so tedious on your own.
I'm watching a documentary about the early 20th century flu epidemic; really pretty disturbing, all right.
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