November 7th, 2005



Aggravating visit to the supermarkets , followed by the always-traumatic trip to the vet. I feel overcome by exhaustion. Wotan was making really weird noises, as the place was full of giant dogs, etc. I thought it was the wind moaning, but it was him. He seems to be OK, but he's lost a bit of weight, always a worry. He's had his blood test, but I won't know about that for a few days. The busses were heaving with ignorant, rude bastards,seeming to go out of their way to make the journey even more uncomfortable.There seems to be a reduced service lately; even off-peak is so crowded. Fap.
Finally got to see all of the last-ever SFU. Blimey! I cried several times. Funny, I always thought it was good, and watched it regularly, but it wasn't until this last season that I got into how totally brilliant it was. Definitely one of the all-time greats.
Was frightened by Tony Blair discussing his incapacity benefit plans. He's getting so much flak on all his other proposed dodgy policies, I'm really scared his draconian desires might be kowtowed to in this area. as a sop to him.,3605,1635891,00.html

I mean what does 'removing incentives' mean? What fecking incentives? Oh well, no use mulling over it. I really don't think I'm able to work full-time, though. On days like this, I become aware of how feeble I am, when I overdo it. Glug.
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Arrrrrrrrgh! The Heads!...

Anybody else profoundly disturbed by the new plug for BBC 'digital' featuring a giant disembodied head? It's composed of hundreds more, and mutates all the time, and sometimes the little heads float around on their own, and Wahhhhh, it's 'orrible!