October 23rd, 2005


Dumb Question Time...

PC -literate peeps: I got a message this morning saying "Out of memory at line 90". Nothing seems to be more amiss than usual. Am I s'pozed to do summat?
Also, has anyone Oxford-ways seen the small exhibit of photos of miraculous objects, etc. at the Ashmolean? I fancy it.


I was frightened last night by seeing an Aphex Twin video, COME TO DADDY, which, not being a very poppy person, I had never encountered. Jeez, it's scary.(It was actually on one of those 'hundred scariest moments' programmes. 'The Judderman' was rightly there, too. The 'winner', though, was, absurdly 'Heeeeeeeere's Johnny!' from THE SHINING. Come on!
Got a rather neat free Franz Ferdinand CD in THE OBSERVER.
I may even finish that strip, today. It's a possibility...
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    Franz Ferdinand:DARK OF THE MATINEE