September 24th, 2005



An absolutely beautiful day, and here I sit bored and hypochondria-haunted, all blown up, Quasimodofied and owie. Hope the Horse Hospital event is a big success, anyway. Having been the beneficiary of CAPTION's travel bursary, I really do like the idea of giving someone a wonderful trip they couldn't otherwise afford, and didn't expect.
I dare to hope that the swelling is actually going down a little. I slept a bit more last night,and feel rather less feverish, BUT the one of the online symptoms thing says that when the swelling goes to your neck, you'll probably die, and I'm like a bullfrog on the right side. Of course, you mustn't believe every old thing you Google...I think as it's actually deflating a bit, I'll probably survive the dentistless weekend.
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    Gorillaz: DARE


It's official (really official this time-), according to today's Groaniad. The Colossal Squid is a model..It was evidently based on a genuine specimen, though.
I'm still way messed up and sore-gummed.
I watched OLD BOY, which was pretty well incomprehensible to me, but visually arresting. There were outstandingly 'orrible bits involving teeth and tongues.Harsh!