September 17th, 2005


Return Of The Squid!...

That photo appears in the 'Books' section of today's TIMES.
Yes, it seems to be really, really real. The photo's by Kate Bolstad, printed in EXTREME NATURE (Mark Cardwardine, Collins), and it's an 'immature female' caught in the Ross Sea off Antarctica in 2003.
I had long and very bizarre dreams featuring endless underground shopping malls, a gnarly old stagehand who was evidently my sugar daddy, Udo Samel, a strange 'Corky'esque cartoon cat, a fraught search for magazines in a frightening, dank sort-of tube station, and so much MORE...Jeez, either I get no dreams or they're so packed and jumbly I can't decipher or 'use' them at all...
In a spurt of rebellion against my exhaustingly 'healthy' regime, and a tizzy of call centre/ supermarket trolley- stacking Fear induced by reports of dear Mr Blunkett's plans for the likes of me, I ate baklava for breakfast, and am now seriously Not Well. Urp.
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I finally watched all of DOGVILLE, and yes, I guess it is quite good, really. It's still my least-favourite Von Trier,though, including DANCER IN THE DARK, and I think it was a good half an hour too long.


I always did find the Tracys rather disturbing. This feature film contains a dream sequence involving a gigantic guitar, exploding planets, and the boys dancing Bill and Ben style on a crescent moon, wearing frightening lurex jackets. There's a truly worrying 60's song; 'A shooting Star Will Shoot Ya' and at the end, young Alan (it's actually his wet dream about Lady Penelope-) falls out of bed, and his dad walks in...