September 13th, 2005


Still Mental...

I overcame my embarrassment, and managed to wheedle my way into the dress rehearsal of THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT. I felt terribly 'homesick', actually. The bloke in the newsagent, who I haven't seen in bloody six years said 'Back again?', and I thought I'd burst into tears.
The opera itself was bitchily entertaining. but musically, I found it very boring. It was also amusing, in an infantile way, to see loads of swear words in the (new) surtitles. Very nice set, too.
On the bus back, it was hot and crowded. (I'd had to walk to the theatre from Westminster due to the cricket mania, earlier, which also made me nervous, as I was running a bit late, anyway.) A dodgy-looking young Asian in a wooly hat got on with a particularly menacing sort of rucksack, and stood right in front of me. Once again, I felt like weeping! ('Don't kill me, I have so much to give-') Like Ms Von Kant, I'm 'fucked up' bigtime.

I, too, keep thinking about that mind-bending colossal squid photo. I didn't imagine that it would freak out so many other people. That uncannily humanoid giant staring eyeball...Just like the TROLLENBERG TERROR/CRAWLING EYE!
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