September 1st, 2005


Neat Stuff...

Just discovered this via The Olive. Crafty types, especially, might want to have a look.

Hopefully, it will be a bit less uncomfortable today, but it still feels pretty airless. I wish we'd have another good soaking rain.
I'm increasingly baffled by the scale of the destruction , chaos, and loss of life in the US South. I thought everyone was being evacuated well in advance of flooding. They seem to have missed out all the underclass blacks; one way to cull the benefit claimant rolls, I guess. What provision is going to be for all those survivors who have totally lost what little they had? There's really no point in going 'home'. Most of these people don't have insurance, and can't hope to rebuid. It could end up like the Dust Bowl or something, with hopeless, poverty-stricken and traumatised people wandering a hostile country scratching for survival...
I'm also disgusted at my own reaction of incredibly selfish 'sorrow'-because I always wanted to visit New Orleans, and now it's probably permanently fucked up, and I've missed it!
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