August 24th, 2005


Looks Tiresome...

Today, if luck had been with me, I probably would have been setting off for Belgrade. Instead, I have to drag myself to the gym, then the doctor, and THEN try to catch Wotan with R, and haul him to the vet for his overdue checkup. It doesn't look like we're getting the heavy rain that was forecast...maybe it's holding off until I get outside. If it's rough this afternoon, we'll have to put the vet trek off until Friday.
I keep thinking about that wholesomely pretty woman in the STUFF THE WORLD documentary on TV, who enjoyed mounting animal genitals on plaques. The whole programme was grotesquely fascinating. Like a lot of 'hunting' types, these people claim to love animals, and are proud of 'bringing them back to life' (after personally killing them, in some instances.)The scariest was the angelic-looking (a la CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED) 9-year old moppet,glefeully shooting her first deer, and enthusing as doting Dad gutted it. People are strange...
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    annoyingly, Peter Kay:AMARILLO

This One's Good...

K.E.N.N.E.D.Y.: Kinetic Electronic Neohuman Normally for Efficient Destruction and Yelling

Thank you, Charlotte...

Oh, I keep meaning to say SUZANNE, thanks for the lovely letter, which I never got around to answering (so far, anyway-)I am lame. Loved the toons.


Vet hell postponed due to Wotan digging in under the bed.impervious to wheedling, temptation and broom handle- and the inclement weather.

I couldn't resist another Cyborg:
D.U.L.L.E.G.R.I.E.T.: Digital Upgraded Lifeform Limited to Efficient Gratification, Rational Infiltration and Efficacious Troubleshooting

I have lost 4 kilos in two months. pitiful, but an impovement , I guess.