August 3rd, 2005


Did I Really See That?

BIG BROTHER was totally beyond belief tonight. Anthony's expression actually changed for the first time ever as he gurned in gross-outedness watching Kinga masturbate on the lawn with a wine bottle. This was on top of Craig's latest hysterical outburst of unravelling psyche. That boy is swinging on such a slender thread; shouldn't watch, Shouldn't...
It's definitely the End of the World.


Back from the dreaded gym and fresh out of the bath , kiss my tits! Now to watch the BOOSH episode I taped last night. Life is good.
Further unwholesome BB obsessing: I think Eugene the geek is potentially rather handsome. He just needs to have his goofyteeth sorted and stop grimacing all the time...I've gone seriously wrong, haven't I?
I was rather shocked to discover that Makosi's 'fro is a wig. Saskia spat something about it during a catfight, once,but I thought it was just ethnic hair envy. I mean, Makosi sleeps in it and everything. She got it wet the other day, and pleaded with Big Brother for a hair dryer, because it was making her scalp itch, and she could not possibly expose her genuine hair. Scary!
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