July 1st, 2005


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I see Mr. Dickon Edwards seems to be in a mood similar to mine this morning ...
this turgid, soporific, failing state where every waking hour is spent just wanting to go back to bed
I guess I've spent most of my life like that, and it seems worse, now. This whole year so far, has been just creepy.
Ruby Wax is on DESERT ISLAND DISKS yelling about her deranged parents. I can really relate to that, too.Her mother seems to have shared my mum's technique of regularly following one around the house while shrieking really weird,surreal threats and abuse. Oh, can I go hang out in the Priory, too? I've felt 'out of my body' for as long as I can remember. Fortunately for Ruby, her pills seem to have worked.

I'm already queasy at the prospect of the gym this afternoon, trying to think of a valid excuse for not going.Um, well, I feel out of my body, in a turgid, soporific falling state, and stuff...

BIG BROTHER update: Maxwell kept leaping out of the lurvenest trying to GBH Kemal for his waspish commentary on the evening's duvet-quivering 'sexual activity'. Saskia would then pop up and drag him back into her clutches with EASTENDERS-style imprecations; 'Leeve it Maxwell,; he's not werf it.' I'm not certain, but I think some bodily fluid might have been smeared into Kemal's hair. Whatever it was, he admirably struck back with 'At least someone got wet tonight; Saskia didn't!' Wunderbar.
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