June 23rd, 2005


Haw Haw Haw...

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Just goes to prove I should be given an Extreme Makeover, (hold the 'feminisation'; give me the total face/body rejuvenation and the Hollywood Smile...oh, and maybe a wee chin implant when you've finished the lipo on me turkey-gobble. Ta.)
Somehow I got a one-pager finished yesterday. Good me.
Still trying to train myself to use the cellphone. Duh...Don't seem worth the angony, really, but I'm sure texting could be a good thing.
Gotta go to the shops before it gets even more polluted and stifling. (Must...get...more...Vanilla Coke...*wheeze*)
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    EUGENE ONEGIN: M Triquet's aria

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Everyone seems to be out of VANILLA Diet Coke...
LIDL has chainshaws on Special today...
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    Leatherface whoops and gibbers in my mind...