June 17th, 2005



Yawn...I still wake up every morning with bleary eyes. The drops don't help. Still having the allergy bumps stuff, too. I just can't bear going to the GP yet again. It's relatively mild at the moment.
It's already airless and steamy. Dunno if I'll make it to the gym today...
For some reason, I can't use 'rich text' on LJ any more. ????

Thanks to RainbowNetwork.com for starting my sweaty day with a chortle...


There was also an item on one Belinda O'Hooley (delightful name!) who looks like one of those women who can elicit a sapphic squee hereabouts...Yowza!


Got a card for andypop, but really don't know if it's appropriate to send it. I'm sure it would be 'nice' in some way,though, for his family and close friends to have concrete good wishes from all the many people Andy has touched in a positive way, over the years.

I dreamt I was living in a huge flat in Belgrade, where someone had left about half a dozen sheep for the weekend. Wotan and another cat figured out how to ride them...

Yes,it's happened: BIG BROTHER 6 has become loathesomely watchable...They had a 'speed-dating' task which engendered the following Seriously Bad Sights:

Sam and Mikosi mock-snogging, tongues and all.
The tragic Sam (God, she works hard-) doing some sort of lapdance riff for lumpen Anthony, in her underwear.
Saskia licking sweets off Maxwell's pasty flesh.

I suppose Roberto (runner-up for Handsomest Man in Italy,1996-) will be evicted tonight, which is a shame, as I'm beginning to find it interesting to watch him become more and more thwarted and grumpy. He also looks like a horse, which I like. His heavily-accented sweary insults are rather good, too.
Poor little Science is regressing to toddlerhood, and is quite forlorn. Ahhhh, bless.
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