June 16th, 2005


LIDL Let Me Down...

Went to get the special extension leads, gym-handy foot socks impregnated with aloe vera and stuff...The whole brochure was a tissue of lies this week. Bah. Ended up buying and scoffing a giant bag of paprika chips, in frenzy of frustration.
Watched THE L WORD for the first time. Maybe it takes getting into. What a lot of plastic, ridiculous characters being dumb. (I never cared much for SATC either...) I suppose Shane is cute-ish, but the others, nah.
I've also (just for a few minutes, mind-) looked at CELEBRITY LOVE ISLAND. A critic described Paul as a frightening combination of CrazyFrog and Jude Law, so I figured I had to see this. Holy Mother of God, it's spot-on true!
It's getting huuuumid....
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