May 30th, 2005


Dull Bank Holiday...

I ate Indian Mango ice cream, which I 'should' not have done, due to boredom.
I had a creepy dream about my scary dead father.
Last night, my mother was worried about those legions of unhygenic immigrants bringing a LEPROSY epidemic to the USA.
I had a not-very-original idea of a little project I'd like to do, if I get the chance to go to Serbia again. This is very unlikely...So were my other two trips, though.
I can smell stale pee, and I don't know why.
I want pizza.
There is nothing interesting on TV...
That reminds me, this might be the year I actually don't get roped into BIG BROTHER. The housemates are the worst barrell-scrapings ever, and I can't imagine becoming involved in their lame antics. (I have, of course, said this five times before...)
The women are particularly dire, notably the dreadful chav with the silicone bazooms...Actually, there are several apparent 'enhanced' poitrines, but you know, the one with the rubber nurses' uniform...Most of them are so irritating, I don't think I could stay in the same room for more than a few minutes. I might possibly be able to get along with Mary, Science and Kemal. There's also an 'older' (about 40?) guy, Derek, who is a prissy Thatcherite Tory master of foxhounds, despite being black and gay, but at least he's not too loud. I could probably co-exist, for a while. The others are all total 18-30 pubcrawler types.
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