May 26th, 2005


Wayyyyy Out There...

Film Four is showing a lot of Carl Dreyer stuff at the moment. I'm unfamiliar with like, everything, but VAMPYR and PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC, and am kicking myself for missing DAY OF WRATH the other night.
I did catch ORDET, which left me completely poleaxed; one of the strangest films I've ever seen.
Dreyer is well-known for the incredible-looking actors he recruited, particularly notable in JOAN OF ARC. The people in ORDET are nearly all compulsively look-at-able, and most astonishingly, the central old man, Mogen.
The story rolls along, very slowly, in predictable period domestic tragedy style, the beautifully photographed b&w atmosphere drawing you in until you feel quite involved, despite the quaint melodramatics of it all, then...
The final moments are so intense I thought I was gonna be physically sick, and not from a relapse of the digestive bug.
I still feel quite shaken and stirred. Whooo...§ion=essay

I own a (very high quality, criminally genuine leather,but from a charity shop...) mini-rucksack. Yes, I'm admitting to this. I'm going dogwalking wearing it soon.I don't care.
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