May 19th, 2005


Raw Arts 2005...
Once again a beguiling mishmash of stuff ranging from total wankage to wonderment. I like Candid Arts Trust, apart from the scary stairs...How do people with more serious mobility owies ever get up and down? It's a shabby old ex-warehouse or something, right behind the Angel tube, and it has a proper boho cafe attached (on the -groan- second floor...) Anybody who wants to check it out, hurry up. It's finishing Saturday.
Some names and links:
Crespin, Lisa Kilty,( Sue Kreitzman,( Judith McNicol,( Anto,( Elizabeth Turnbill, Gillian N. Gordon, Aster, ( and quite a few more...
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DVD-Couchpotato Tip...

I've just finished a 30-day trial of this service, enjoying free fillums to the tune of 40 quid, from the cheapest local rental place.
I've pulled this stunt a few times, of course, but I must say that if I had a normal income, I'd actually carry on with this one. They have an excellent selection (lots of world cinema and indie stuff), they're prompt, and generally very satisfactory, so if you're thinking of joining one of these schemes, check it out.