April 13th, 2005


Steroids Ahoy...

I've never had to take them before, but this is only a short course, and the symptoms have been so frightening, I'd take anything, at this point.
Couldn't get in to see the doctor until late this afternoon, so decided to overcome my embarrassment and go strolling. (Plus, I'd have a better chance of survival if I plopped down on the pavement with swollen-shut airways, than alone in the flat... )
I went to the Sexton Ming exhibit, which I greatly enjoyed, although there wasn't that much of it. The Aquarium is only a wee place, but very attractive, The bloke who let me in was friendly, but didn't hang about to make sure I didn't nick anything, which I appreciated.
While there, I picked up a copy of a little artsmag I'd never heard of, for 1.50, (NUDE); A very nice little read. I actually think I may go for the 5 issues for a fiver subscription offer. It's very engaging and nicely produced.


Woburn Walk, by the way is a charming little oldtimey street directly behind St Pancras Church,, with several galleries, and some highly seductive,old-fashioned, laid-back greasy spoons. I plumped for Wot The Dickens, where the coffee was ace, food looked good and cheapish for Central London, they have outside tables, and don't rush you to get it down yer neck and go. I'll definitely be going back.

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