February 14th, 2005




...The most heartwrenching film ever? Give me a break!  Actually I will admit to snurfling over ETRE ET AVOIR  (I'm still available, Mr Lopez-) TRULY MADLY DEEPLY and SHADOWLANDS (these two because Juliet Stephenson and Anthony Hopkins both blub so convincingly that it sets me off.)

They left out LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS, as usual, and I tend to cry at CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (there, I've admitted it-), when the spaceship lands- the faces of the awed witnesses, especially Francois Truffaut, move me for some reason, Also when Richard Dreyfuss' character realises his kids are crying  'cos he's gone 'mad', with his mash Table Mountain. I will also blushingly admit to BORN FREE, and the scene in SCROOGE, when the reformed Alistair Sim goes to his nephew's house, is afraid to go in, is encouraged by sweet-faced little maid, begs forgiveness, and is immediately warmly embraced by all (yeah, right-it's very touchingly acted, though...)

I still felt rough this morning, but now I'm OK-ish again...or was, until I was accosted by the Loon of the Day in LIDL. She was checking out  'on special' toilet cleaner, and started screaming that it smelled too good and children would drink it and die. She wasn't going to buy any because it was too dangerous,she said, and held a bottle under my beak and squeezed it, to demonstate. A bit went up my nose, which is really, really not going to do my respiratory malady any good. It did have a horrible sweet squash-like smell, I concede.

 She looked a bit like Jackie Stallone and wore a multicoloured fluffy Tam O'Shanter. Beware.


Oh, I remembered some more weepies I've succumbed to... KES, and those awful Death Sentence Moments on ANIMAL HOSPITAL. I'm much more likely to grizzle over sad animal stuff than anything else.
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