February 6th, 2005


Dozy Sort Of Day...

Ugh, bloody humid ...Last night I got the impression we were going to have a nice, crisp turn to the weather. Bah! Nothing on TV (and no SKY-) , no money, etc. I dare to think I may be on the mend at last, though, but the maddening cough is still vexing me, especially at night.

I did manage to get out to helenraven's  au revoir evening, with her nice friends, including the awesome </span> minitrog , (herself a convalescent), nifty nibbles, more wine than I had intended to consume in my frail state, and the opportunity to examine the amazing Tardis backpack and its colourful contents, all ready for the fab adventure. I didn't even cough much until fairly late in the proceedings, when a hack- attack caused me to miss some interestingly macabre details of the activities of Mr Christie.

I'm very glad I made the effort, and it certainly doesn't seem to have made the eternal lurghy any worse. I must say I have completely lost the taste for being out and about in London at night, though. Humanity en masse grows ever more tedious and alarming;  the noise and the people! the busses more crowded, the zonked-out tramps that sit on top of me weirder and smellier (earflaps on his sheepskin hat, and he kept caressing a mysterious oblong wrapped in newspaper, sticking out of his satchel...) and the darkness  dingier. Harrumph.

I look forward to following the adventures of  helenraven  online over the next few months, and wish her a minimum of  travel  snarls and maximum of  travel magic.

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