January 24th, 2005


SKY Saga...

When I rang 'Blick, UK' yet again today, about the repairs to the council SKY dish,which were supposed to be completed on the 17th, the 20th, etc., they said they had no record of Lambeth's making an appointment, and if I would make the appointment they'll 'definitely' do it FRIDAY. They assured me I wouldn't be asked for money, etc, so I did, sending explanatory email to Lambeth, etc. They won't do it, anyway...It's THREE weeks, now. I got the hippyhippy shakes for want of BBC4, FARSCAPE, Artsworld stuff,cosmetic surgery shows, etc. etc., and I'm still paying for it. I should just cancel my sub...
Otherwise, the usual gloom & grot.
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Carrying On Crabbing...

...I need to vent about how those government warnings to the poor and feckless on TV really,really piss me off.
'If we think you might be a benefit cheat, we'll follow you around town with a big spotlight until we see you ARE scrubbing floors to get that few extra quid for the kids' school trip, then we'll GET you!'
'If you haven't got an extortionately expensive TV license, one night when you're settling down all cosy with your Horlicks, to watch BIG BROTHER, it will be US at the door, and you could end up with a CRIMINAL RECORD!'
If you dodge your ludicrously high bus fare when you've only got two quid left until the end of the week, we'll take great pleasure in humiliating and fining you, and there's always the chance you'll end up with a CRIMINAL RECORD!'

I find them so smugly superior and cuntish, not to mention ridiculously out of touch with reality. I only wish the people who come up with these moronic ads were forced to live like the average benefit claimant, 'cheat' or otherwise.Capitalist pigdogs! (Mumble, sputter...) How much taxpayers' money is drained into these offencive and pointless campaigns? More than goes to bloody benefit cheats, I'll bet.