January 5th, 2005


Meaningless Gesture, Yeh...

But I observed it like everyone else. I think Mr Morrison has a pretty good take on it all here:


As for me, apart from my  debt situation, multitude of ailments and current achybreaky flareup, things are scarily pleasant at the moment. I got the Rotring CORE fountain pen I won on Ebay for about 2 quid (wahey!) and a mysterious plump envelope that turned out to contain a much-coveted luxury item,an actual Moleskine sketchbook!  I sat gawping at it completely befuddled, even checked the address, thinking I'd got it by mistake. It was, I eventually discovered, a massive act of charity on the part  of  motodraconis , whom I have never even met in RL, abetted by  cleanskies   I am soo bloody touched. </span></span></span>

</em></span></span></span></span>that</span></span></em></span></span> Wheee!


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You are Windex.

You are a neat freak. Quite plain and simple. If you walk into an unorganized area, you go insane. Most of your free time is spent cleaning and organizing, when you aren't having fun with you friends. Even though many are annoyed by your constant organizing, some see it as a quality of neatness, and that is something most people envy about you. The opposite sex sees you as clean-cut and pure, though you are too shy to express your true feelings for them. You keep a list of goals and priorities in your life, and in almost all cases, accomplish them. You are the over-acheiver, most intelligent in your class, and strive to do all that is in your ability. Some people may try to take advantage of you, however, so don't let them make you clean up their messes. "Just put some Windex."

Most compatible with: Toothbrush.

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Well, that's bollocks on the whole, but reminds me that I keep seeing this stuff on TV and in the supermarket called CILIT BANG, which is a silly enough name for a cleaning product, and every time I see it, I misread it as CLIT BANG. Is that deliberate, I wonder, like FCUK? Like,'housewives'should buy it, so they can be distracted by thoughts of pleasantly explosive sexual activity, while performing their dreary drudgery? Hm...