January 3rd, 2005



I join the Pain Brigade rollcall... Things are beginning to look 'normal' outdoors; more cars on Wandsworth Road, Christmas goodies in LIDL nearly gone. (No more cheap pannetone,and stollen, thank God...) General jadedness galore. I did the supermarket thing, and considered walking home from Clapham Junction to show willing on my get-as-fit-as-possible quasi-resolution. Everything just hurt too much, and I felt all fuddled and bleary. Gngh. Achin' like mad; just the arthritis, or am I coming-down-with? Don't need it, either way. Did a bit of cartooning, but I'm also in an 'I Have No Talent' slough. Must admit a visit to http://www.charlottecooper.net  perked me up somewhat. Chortles galore, and an interview with  andypop .  (If I had 50 to spare, I would, for damn sure...) 
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